Explore El Nido


el nido
take our word for it: el nido is nothing short of awesome—travellers like you who’ve circled the globe will never see anything as rad as this string of islands. imagine this: pure beaches for steady shoreside chilling, island hopping through out-of-this-world natural lagoons, and limestone cliffs with the best views are only part of the experience. kick off the fun at el nido town, where quaint houses, interesting boutiques and an eclectic mix of restos and hole-in-the-wall joints for tasty grubbing will make you want to be an honorary local in no time. beyond town, explore el nido’s marine spots through kayak rides and limb-busting cliff climbs, and how’s snorkeling, hiking and even camping sound? whether you’re a certified global nomad, a weekend warrior with a taste for nature, or a budding traveler out to have a good time, el nido’s out to give you the grandest time of your life!

explore el nido
– go around el nido town
restaurants, cafés and boutiques make the busy streets worth exploring, plus the friendly locals will earn you new friends in no time.
– island hopping and beach tripping
discover one island after another through breathtaking boat rides, where you can pause to enjoy sea and shore at beaches with clear waters and the finest sand. want in on a little secret? el nido has lots of hidden coves and beaches, all you have to do is ask!
– cliff climbing
view el nido from a high vantage point—trust us, you’ll need a minute to take all that awesome in
– hiking
trek through the island’s lush forest lands

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